This beautiful Sea char got the first prize

Audun Rikardsen won the competition for the year's best nature photography in Norway. The picture is taken in the midnight sun in Svalbard in late August. We congratulate!.

Norwegian salmon record 2012: 56,22 lbs

David Hodgkiss and his guide Vegard Ludvigsen, catched the biggest atlantic salmon by flyrod in Norway 2012. 2012. It weighed 56.22 pounds and was caught on the fly in Steinfossen in the Alta River July 6th 2012. The fish were released. Foto: Hans Ludvigsen.

Top 20 salmon rivers in Norway 2011

Gaula was the best salmon river in Norway 2011. Orkla, Bjerkreimselva and Namsen came on the next places.

The salmon of the year in Norway

The happy angler Arne Viste from Stavanger with the biggest salmon catched in Norway rivers up to now this year.

Wild salmon may avoid the deadly virus pankras from farms

- Although we have found the deadly pankras virus in wild salmon and sea trout close to the affected farms in western Norway, we hope that the wild fish to avoid getting sick, said professor Are Nylund to
We know it is stress that triggers the disease in farms, but believes that the salmon, which is now spawning in the rivers, to avoid getting sick even though it is experiencing a great deal of stress during this time. Sea lice is probably a worse strain on wild fish, he says.

Hot fishing spots in Norway

The Atlantic salmon dream.

There is no sure catch in Norwegian rivers. Not even in Alta, the best Atlantic salmon river in the world, you will get promise of a sure catch. Surely there are notorious locations where chances of a catch are seemingly better, but these pools and ponds are normally locked up in long term deals at prices far beyond the wallet of most people.

Unforgettable rivers

Given 50 years of extensive experience as a salmon fisher and professional writer on fishing related subjects, I am aiming to target and share some Norwegian salmon river hot spots. Based on my private network, and private experience from many Norwegian rivers, I hereby present a knit of spots, which not only offer a good chance of a catch, but also take in consideration the scenic beauty of the location and a fair pricing. I give no catch guarantee, but one thing is guaranteed on these favourite spots….an unforgettable experience.

You need a guide

On my first approach in a new river, I always choose to contact a local guide for some inside tips on equipment suitable for this particular river, recommendable stretches, how the ponds are fished and expected strike locations. Being a fisher guide myself, I know that one day of instruction is both sufficient and often necessary for a successful outcome. Wandering the shores of a new river, alone or with friends, in unity with the surrounding nature, only enhances those golden moments I know are awaiting.

Warmth and hospitality

It is advisable to book accommodations at a fishing lodge or at a camp site renown for its fishing environment. You have no guarantee the best hotel given a regular consideration is the best hotel for a successful fishing trip. It is the warmth and hospitality of the hosts that counts most for the sports fisherman.

Body language

And never worry about lack of language skills on your own behalf or that of the hosts. Most Norwegians know some basic English and German. Especially at fishing locations, most locals are able to lead a conversation in English at least. In a worst case scenario, one can always communicate in the international body language that all fishermen understand.

Welcome to Norway

We sincerely wish all our foreign guests welcome to Norway and hope for all expectations to be fulfilled. We greatly appreciate comments, which will be posted on our contact site. Please send your comments to post To avoid spam, we have skipped @ , which have to be inserted between the word “post” and “fishing”.
So let Your trip to Norway begin now. “Skitt fiske”
Which is the most important Norwegian phrase for sports fishermen….and basically means “good luck on your fishing efforts”

Eivind Fossheim. Chief Editor

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